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Sep 3, 2009
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I've been in the market for a pocket pistol for some time now, and yesterday I picked up my selection: a Ruger LC9s Pro.

The Ruger LC9s is a single stack 9mm pistol from a manufacturer with a reputation for solid products. The standard LC9s includes a thumb safety and magazine disconnect (meaning the pistol will not fire with the magazine out). The Pro model does not. I don't care for either of these features (I will not carry a gun with a thumb safety other than a 1911-style) so I chose the Pro model.

It comes with a single 7-round magazine (for a 7+1 configuration) and both flush and extended bases. Sue (at 5'7") can get a good grip on the gun with the flush mount base, but for me (6'1") I need the extension to get more than two fingers on the grip.

9 round magazines are available. I have ordered two, but they have not arrived yet. With those in a pocket, that will give this gun a 26 round capacity while still being excellent for deep concealment.

The gun comes with a fixed front sight and windage adjustable rear. They are the three-dot style. These are perfectly functional, but not my personal preference, so I will no doubt be swapping on a set of TruGlo sights in the near future. With these sights, I shot sub-3" groups right out of the box.

The trigger on this gun is, in my opinion, the best in the segment. The Glock 43 was definitely a contender, but although I own a half dozen Glock pistols, each and every one of them has an aftermarket trigger. The pull is a little on the long side, but that seems to be quite typical of the pocket pistol market, and given the number of people who will drop these in their pocket without a holster of any kind (which I personally think is a Really Bad Idea) I can understand the design choice. Takeup is smooth, and when you do reach 'the point' the trigger break is very crisp. Reset is also a tad longer than I'd like, but quite acceptable.

The LC9s is apparently being phased out. It retailed for something like $399, and when the EC9s was introduced at a lower price point (I think $289 at my favorite gun shop) the more expensive LC9s became difficult to sell. The EC9s seems to be the exact same gun, but with sights machined into the slide and therefore neither adjustable nor exchangeable. The LC9s can still be found, though. My gun shop had mine in 24 hours, and I paid $279 plus taxes and the background check.

I'm quite happy with the performance of this tiny, inexpensive pistol. If you're in the market for a deep concealment gun, I can definitely recommend it.



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