Rest in Peace - Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo

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[FONT=Geneva,Verdana,Sans-Serif][SIZE=-2]Subject: Passing of Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 12:42:08 -0800

-- The FMAdigest --
Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo
March 4, 1938 - January 25, 2010
Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood

Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo was a living treasure, and a peerless expert in the highly esteemed martial arts of the Philippine archipelago. Rarely does an individual progress to the levels of martial arts mastery that Grandmaster Lazo did ascended to. Even more rarely do they openly share what they have learned with others. A quiet and humble man by nature, Grandmaster Lazo has always been one to avoid public attention.

The FMAdigest was honored in speaking with Grandmaster Lazo in 2008, when requesting to do a Special Edition on him and his art of Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood. The FMAdigest found Grandmaster Lazo to be a humble individual with a sense of humor and seriousness about the Filipino martial arts.

The FMAdigest would like to send its condolences to his son Ricky and daughter Christine Marie Lazo. Grandmaster Fred Lazo will be deeply missed

You can download the Special Edition Luzviminda Brotherhood to learn more about Grandmaster Fred Lazo and the Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood

Click or paste in your address browser the link below to download your copy:
Acrobat Reader Printable:

And visit the Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood at:

Steven K. Dowd

There is a longer discussion of his illness and untimely passing on FMATalk.

GM Lazo took the time to pop in here a while back to answer a few questions one of our members had.

Rest in Peace sir.


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