Post attack over-reacting?

Bob Hubbard

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Aug 4, 2001
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Land of the Free
From the "Thats a bit much dept" - I've heard rumors that supermarkets are now requiring their stock clerks to sign-out cutters and blades. Blade breaks/wears out, you turn in old one b4 you get new one.

From the "I hope thats a bad joke dept" - Gov. is rumored to be looking at back doors into encryption products and/or reducing the level back down to 40 bit. If this is true, it spells the end of e-commerce as 40bit will take the average home pc a few minutes to crack. And a backdoor? WHO! would use a product that they know has a back door in it? Duh!

From the "It has to be a joke" - Rumor on a senator trying to get a bill requiring that no plastic knives (like picnic ones) be sold to anyone under 18. I really hope this is a joke....I mean, what next? a 2 week waiting period for shaving supplies?

Hey guys....How about enforcing the laws already in place that would have prevented such things, rather than writing even more? I mean, on the kiddie-porn side, we have laws that make it illegal to create, own, traffic, sell, buy, possess it. Do we really need a seperate law to cover every possible variation? Is this really needed or is it simply Dr. Suess writes law? Sheesh.

ok, rant over. We now return you to your regularly schedualed board breaking. <G>