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Sep 1, 2001
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Let's try to clear the air of all this Modern Arnis negativity a bit, shall we?

Now then...

Don't you hate it when you're sparring, and you keep seeing great openings, but by the time you've seen them and recognized them, they're gone? Here's a drill I've found in Loren Christensen's book, The Fighter's Fact Book that I find useful. Haven't had a chance to try it out myself, but maybe those of you with your own group of students can use them as guinea pigs :D

It's a relatively simple drill called 'Statue'. Have the students pair up as if sparring. Have them designate one of the pair as 'A' and the other as 'B'. Have them begin sparring, but instead of having them go at it right away, let them 'stalk' each other, searching for openings. After several seconds, tell them to freeze by yelling 'Statue', or 'stop', or 'move and yer dead!' :) Everyone should freeze in the exact positions they were in when you called the halt. Now, call out 'A'. This means that the person designated as 'A' has to strike whatever is open on 'B', who remains motionless. Have them resume. Call out 'A' and 'B' randomly, giving each partner a chance to look for openings.

When they've become comfortable with this, have the freeze only last two seconds, giving them only two seconds to locate and strike the opening. When they've appeared to have gotten this, decrease it by half a second. Each time they get comfortable at one level, reduce the 'freeze' time by half a second, until you get to half-second 'freeze' times.

Hope this made sense. If anyone tries this, please post the results!

Maybe as an add on, is if the pairings are mixed level, the higher rank could point out missed options?
Having the higher ranked person point out missed targets would be good, but only at the early stages of the exercise. As the students progress to the shorter 'freeze' times, there really isn't time to point out missed opportunities :)

As a side benefit, this could help students develop ways to move about that would leave the least amount of openings. Also, it could help people who been training unrealisticaly to recognize targets they've never considered before, like knees, shins, ankles, groin, etc.

really wishin' he had his own school to try this stuff
most sparing I've done limits you to the "safe" zone, basically, waist to upper chest. While understanding the reasons why (safety) it can lead to a lack of dimension in a students thinking when confronted with a 'real' situation...ie - tourny rules = butt kicked on the street.

What I've found effective for me is for the Sr. student to point out my mistakes at the end of the sparring session. I think if we combine that with your suggestion and mine, we got a good system. Needs some modding, and maybe you only do it every 3rd time or something (this way as the pauses get smaller, you can keep up the speed?) like, after every so many short freezes with no pointers, add 1 longer 1 with pointers?

My brains fried....hopefully the babblin is legable...

I'm off to play Unreal Tourny.... note to self...more smilies... :cool:
Kaith: I like your comments on "safe zone" type of sparring. rather than limiting the targets try limiting the technique. example would be spar the jab, add destructions double jabs, parries, deflections and evades and let them throw the jab any creative way they can. (wear boxing gloves)

next add the lead leg reason being to teach feints, fakes and most important high low high combinations and the reverse. the combinations are infinite.
now add the cross and next the rear leg
add clinch and take downs
pass guard
get back up keep going all over again

sparring must be alive or it's play...habits are formed easily and very hard to break. Actually there has been evidence to suggest that "flinch reactions" are not broken but compensated for.

Where I'm at now, I adjust how I spar, since the guy running the class has us switch sparring partners regularly. If I'm sparring a lower ranked student, I tend to stay in 'safe zones'...limited punches to the face (but smacking the top of the head as much as I want), limiting low leg kicks and feints, not going for the groin, no clinching.

If I'm sparring a black belt, then I just do whatever the hell I please, albeit with control. The only thing I don't do now is takedowns, since we're training on a very hard and bare concrete surface. Also, if the BB is unacustomed to that level of sparring, or the types of techniques/fakes I'm throwing, I may adjust. I really find it hard to hold back, though. When kicking somebody's knee/shin has become natural, conciously omitting those attacks is distracting.

Bruce Lee would say that you will fight as you train... I guess I would say to find a way to throw knees, leg kicks and everything else. we use a motorcycle helmet and RAT full tilt...HKE full contactit is completly different than traditional sparring. Sounds like you are highly skilled. I would find a way to take it to the next level....Sharpened functionality and sensitivity

Hope it's not sounding condesending. not meant to be.
Not at all, Jim. I wish I could 'take it to the next level'. Unfortunately, I don't really have that opportunity with the people I'm training with now. If my instructor was nearby, it wouldn't be an issue.

Heh. I'm training my brother informally...primarily self-defense. If I get him to a high enough skill level, he could be my punching bag! :D

Hey like the punching bag idea. I have been training my wife and son for sometime now and it's a blast. Man I am telling ya you have all the right ingredients for a great JKD'er. you should look into some really alternative ways to train that wpould blow you away... you would have your world rocked
and maybe save your brother:rofl:
One of the things I'm doing with my brother is trying things out from other systems that I've been able to work out on my own. For example, I think it's goofy to try to figure out chi sao without experienced instruction, so I don't work on that (for now). However, I saw a neat little pak sao entry drill that is fairly straight forward, so I can use that.

Once I get my brother punching right, which may be a challenge, I may try doing some research with RAT and incorporate that into his lessons.

A small wish I have is to have someone give me some instruction on some 'self-perfection' drills. Once I learn them, I'm sure I can find a willing partner to train with, my brother included. Of course, I would really like to have a certified JKD instructor around, but no luck yet! :D

I wish I could get really into training with my daughter...but she just turned 2 not long ago :) She can kick already, though!

Perfection drills for trapping also lie in the weapons work. FMA weapons is the heart and soul of motion for JKDers. I know I promised you some info. on tape. I will send what I have for you to drill. Get two escrima sticks. I will get em out to ya by next Thur.

You don't have to save sensitivity for an Instructor.. your energy will simply change when you match up with someone who is trained and does those drills. From there you will adapt. Train it all man.
That would be most excellent :D When I get it, I promise to incorporate them into my training, how's that?

Added bonus for me. That TKD guy I train with has two pairs of sticks he always brings to class with him. He does a type of sinawalli without knowing it's called sinawalli. I know he'll be more than interested in learning something new to do with the sticks.

Also, I guess even going through the motions with some type of weapon solo would still help me develop flow. Do you think the drills would be applicable with sai? I imagine they would.

I want to train it all! Gimme gimme gimme! :D

sit ubu sit. I will send them out. You can train them in so many ways. It's up to you how you do it. sai. you bet. Incorporate sai and stick for an espada y' daga type of training. short and long weapon. Please give me tons of feedback as I am the one teaching in them. This is how i grow as well.
see ya:cool:
Too cool. You da man, Jim! Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of feedback. Expect a lot of it to be, "What the hell was that?" :D Kidding...kidding... :)

Yep...didn't even think of mixing sai with stick for espada y daga. D'oh.

Will do. I'll be sure to give him your name so he an curse you for the bruises I will inflict on him :D

user friendly techniques brought to you by let the bodies hit the floor .com
You're already familiar with hubud, but Sandor has some articles on his site at CKF Online on hubud. I thought they were very easy to follow and I'm itching to try them out. They're kind of buried in the archives, but not difficult to find.