please help: club name ?


Wendy Geerts

Hi everybody,
I enjoy browsing your comments and I was wondering if you
could help me out on this one. Our trainer has suddenly decided to stop
teaching and now we (3 black belts, aged 20-23) are faced with the
difficulties and challenge of starting a new club.
Our summer stop is over by Sept. 1rst, so we have to get our act together quickly. Our main concern now is the name, once we have that we can proceed with all the paperwork and
make it an official organisation, get insurance, ...

We need to find a name by monday 26th, GMT 1700.

We would like a Korean Word, not English, preferably a translation of "union" , "team work", "solidarity", ... Is "Ki Han" a good start or not ?
Our logo will be something with a dragon, symbol of the East, the Spring,... So maybe a translation with "dragon" in it ?
Any help, preferably by Korean native speakers or specialists, will be appreciated a great deal. We will let you know when we are up and running.

Thanks in advance !!

Wendy Geerts, Belgium.

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