Paying Obese and at risk youth to train

Master Dan

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Aug 27, 2010
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NW Alaska
In the last 17 years its the worst I have seen since the media and internet. Theres seems to be two major things in our culture that has been removed from parenting. Parents telling the kids NO! and YOU HAVE TO!

It eliminates structure and self dicipline. Kids are opting for just tunning out on video games what ever and eating themselves to death. I have kids as young as 5 160 pounds kids facing or having organ failure because they are allowed to eat what ever and as much as they want. On top of that we start making progress and as soon as they say I don't want to or there is family strife jail, abuse what not they are told or allowed to just do nothing. We supply free equiment uniforms everything but if I am not in there live full time at school ect we just loose them and they loose thier lives. My next grant funding round I am going to find cash money to pay them to train. Generally if we can get a kid in 6-24 months we can build enough of a life skills structure like diet, behaior many other things they pick up and start to be self motivated but with out guardians or parents to reinforce that it takes alot.

TKD is not a sport or business here its life and death and determines more than just good grades as it does but happy healthy life or incarceration or early death from suicide we have the highest rate of all in the US and most of the world. Pier Role models in schools do work well I intend to refund the Korean guest instructor 6 total to live and volunteer in the schools full time for five years they rotate every six months but it requires alot of money but I can manage that here better than 15 Eskimo villages we may return again but not till we can manage it well here again.