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A while back ago, my class was watching our instructors doing jump over a board about 1.5 meter high. One of the instructors though (1st black belt) landed his groin area right over the top of the board. :erg: :angel: The other instructor immediately took him to the hospital.
Cups they're not just for beginners!!:erg:
Of course he broke the board or rather the board broke him...? :lol:
Anyway, it's supposed to be jump over...

That is just wrong.I am a woman and I can sympathize with what that guy must have been going through.I bet the E R personnell got a good laugh out of it though.:eek:
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Did he break the board?
hahahahahahahahhahaha.......thats priceless...hahahahha......
Richard yes it is priceless Break the board all you have to do is break the board do not worry about anything else just break the board.Oh and by the way don't get hurt.LOL
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Remember the movie Enter the Dragon and the line about "Board no hit back?"

Well, sooner or later I guess everything comes around.

:asian: :asian:
I thought the line was from Blood Sport "Very Nice, but brick not hit back." Let me guess, we're both right and they are recycling tired lines with tired stories.:disgust:
They probably did recycle the line, after all Blood Sport came out about 10 or more years after Enter the Dragon, and as an example of movie recycling look at the Seven Samurai versus the Manificent Seven along with the movie Ran versus King Lear.

Hey that's show biz
Yes U guy's are but Bruce said Board
& Bolo said Brick
Nither hit back

Bolo was in Enter the dragon so
Borowing the line is what he did.

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This incident is funny because he'll probably recover. Unfortunately sometimes people don't. Last year or so while demonstrating ukemi at a demo a black belt jumped off a table backwards to do a back breakfall. He broke his neck and died. Bad things happen. Just remember to always take care.

I think ill stick to MMA
it seems to be much safeer.
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however, accidents seem to be most often preceded by the phrase "Hey everyone! Watch this!"
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however, accidents seem to be most often preceded by the phrase "Hey everyone! Watch this!"

You are very right! Mistakes also happen when my sensei says, "Let me see you do the technique, Robyn." :eek:

Robyn :)

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