Old Stlye TKD Poomse



Does anyone know of a site with good descriptions/diagrams of the older WTF TaeKwon Do forms?I'm talking about black belt forms only. I have found several with the newer ones, but I can't find anything with Lo Hi, Sip Su,ect.
Those sound like Chinese names! Were these Shotokan kata or Chinese forms that were adapted?
They have the 'look' of japanese kata, but the names don't fit.I believe sipsu is used in TSD, this makes me think Shotokan but who knows?
Lo hi has a breaking movement in the middle.I don't know if this was added, or if the main form was bilt around it.When the WTF changed its official poomse ( to distance itself from karate) the older forms seem to have dissapered.There does't seem to be any resorses on them.

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