Okinawan Goju-Ryu or Wing Chun? Please help


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Jan 13, 2007
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Upstate New York.
is Goju Ryu more of a practical martial art, or a "flashy" show martial art?

My daughters have both trained in Goju-ryu for close to 2 years - I attend every class.

What the other gentleman said about low stances and strength improvement is right on the money - my oldest daughter outperforms most boys in gym now. Both have shown significant increases in general physical fitness.

The katas progress in an intelligent and progressive fashion. You can be taught an enhanced 'flashy' kata for tournament competition, the ordinary ones are more practical.

I believe weapons only start at a high intermediate level. The first one is a staff.

As others have noted, quality of instructor is paramount. I, too, returned to martial arts after a layoff of years - it can be done. Best of fortune to you!

Their dojo has a lot of emphasis on self defense and sparring - both girls have gone up to 6 rounds.


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Jun 22, 2016
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I'm really late to the dance, but I just found this thread. Yeah, I'm bringing back a zombie thread but I'm sure other people have this same question.

It's hard to ask a question like this and get an answer that has much more than theory. It'd be nice if anyone who has actually been in a fight (or 2 or 10) using one of these styles could answer. I have read some things on wing chun including a very long article from a wing chun instructor who basically said that wing chun takes years to be competent in, it's very rigid and unnatural, and it's nearly useless in a fight (unless you're playing slaps in a phone booth). His words, not mine. This particular sifu left wing chun (as did Bruce Lee) and took up Krav Maga.
I've used karate in actual, real fights but it wasn't Goju Ryu. It's was a different style. I found karate to be very effective in real street fights against untrained enemies (which most people in the street are). I've never fought another martial artist in the street (unless you count the guys who obviously spent a few months at the boxing gym). I guess that's probably because most serious martial artists don't get drunk and unruly in public?
Anyway, based on my personal experience, I'd recommend the karate.

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