November 2001 Martial Talk Access Stats

Bob Hubbard

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Aug 4, 2001
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Well, I just ran the logs thru the analyzer...very interesting indeed.

In the month of November, We've had over 7,500 visitors, displayed over 100,000 pages, and moved over 3 Gigabytes of data. I'm impressed.

The more detailed breakdown follows.
Time Period : 10-28 to 11-20 (theres 10 days missing due to a glitch on my part. :( So, actual is higher than verified. :/ )

Total Data Transfered : 3.68 GB

Hits on Pages : 118,113

Total Visitors : 7,492

Banner Ad Stats From 11-6 to 12-1 : Aproximately 11,920 displays each.

Registered Members: 141 Awaiting Verification: 7
Total Threads: 425 | Total Posts: 3426

Looking good everyone...looking good.
Great news--I'm impressed by the numbers. That's rapid growth!

I came at Mr. Hartman's suggestion but have found the board a useful source of Modern Arnis information and of other interesting information and discussion as well. I understand the menkyo system much better now, for example. It's a pity that there isn't yet a contingent of Chinese martial artists or Tae Kwon Do stylists to populate those boards. Most of these boards are much more narrowly focused--many even more so than E-Budo--and perhaps these posters are on these specialized boards. I can't think of another webboard that covers, or at least attempts to cover, such a wide variety of arts.
We need more diversity here. Personally, I'd like to see more sword-arts represented. Sadly, in my area, theres not too many schools to approach. If anyone knows of any groups, schools, etc, shoot em an invite, please. :)
Originally posted by Keil Randor
We need more diversity here. Personally, I'd like to see more sword-arts represented.

Yes, and Chinese martial arts as well. But I think the board has been a rousing success nonetheless.
I'll have the Dec. stats posted sometime the 1st week of Jan. We're running a little slower than in Nov, but I think the holidays and that family time was more important. :)

Of course, all of us in WNY when we aint busy digging out are on here now...Thanks Gou, for the fine canadian snow. :)
Someday, I'll be sure to return the favor.... :cool:

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