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Apr 30, 2007
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Yestrday I went to dojang, I came early so the sabonim put me in charge of the children, they were warmup already so we proced with basics, nothing fancy but the kids wanted to do sirum wrestling so I told them that if they worked fine we will do sirum, oh my gosh it's not easy to keep the children interested in class but for short periods of time well anyhow we did the basics and ende finished the class with sirum wrestling.

The next class (I was in charge too) was a mixup of teen and adult or young adults as I like to call it, we did again afther the wamr up basics and some kicking drills to finish with taeguks 6,7 and 8.

When class finished I saw a teen who was trying to perform some complex one steps so I aproached this young felow and asked him to show me the techs,they were so weird and cumbersome that I was told him to stick with the techs I already showed him over the time but... I stop in my tracks and let the guy to try by himself what is true and sound and what is cumbersome.

In overalla it was not a bad evening at the dojang, I could teach the way I like and the guys did a good class.

El Manny

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