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Jul 23, 2009
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Louisville, KY
Hey everyone - I announced this on KenpoTalk a few weeks ago, but just wanted to announce it here as well. I just launched a new website. It's mainly a place to publish some of my Black Belt Theses and training info.

Check out the Training Log which is an integrated Wordpress Blog that will allow you to comment on posts as they come out. My plan for the site is as follows:
1) Post theses for review and reference. Some have been submitted and corrected a while ago, some I'm still working on. Some I've kind of abandoned along the way. In any case, I'm tossing them out there

2) Training Log - I have a few people I train with, but I am out here solo in a lot of ways too, as I know many others are. Even if you work under someone, I'm wanting to chronicle my workouts, problems, solutions, and some tricks to help keep things moving when you don't always have a partner.

3) Shaolin Kempo Technique reference - For all you EPAK guys, ever wonder what Combination 6 is? Well, eventually I'll have quick reference guides and (eventually maybe?) videos up there for the material that I've learned.

4) General Kenpo/Kempo reference - I've found a lot of tidbits of information over the years, and I always seem to lose it. I figure if it has helped me, maybe it will help someone else and so why not post it? Anything from interesting stories and connections, to changes in techniques, etc.
Feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think!

KempoTraining Blog

Shaolin Kempo Technique Database - ok, so there's just one up right now, but I'll be adding them at least twice a week!


Feel free to jump on the blog and say hi, provide feedback, advice, etc.

It does have an RSS feed tied to it, so feel free to link up to that for updates when they pop up.

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