New Taekwon-Do Website



I have just recently setup my own Taekwon-Do website to record my progress.

You can check it out at

Please let me know what you think.
Nice site. I trained only a short time in taekwondo so I did not learn much of the history. Your site is very informative. It is also easy to navigate.
Very nice site. Had a good amount of information, along with a professional design. I'd rank it in the top 10 list for best MA sites I've seen online on overall quality. (that rough idea that says looks good, works good, has content, easy to navigate, etc)


I commend you on a very nice site.I wish I had the knowledge and know how to set up my own site for when I open my school.Keep up the good work.
The first website did not exist (then I noticed when it was posted) the second wedsite was great!