New Position!!



Greetings all,

Just wanted to let all of you know.... That the Head Instructors at my Dojang, just offered me the position of Student Social Liason!!!! (Which, I immediatly accepted!!):D
It's great for me, as a student to be part of the organization!!

Just wanted to share in the happiness...


Okay, I'll bite what is a Student Social Liason?
acutally... I help organize student events and keep everyone up to date with whats going on in the dojang.. I help the other board members with the monthly newsletter... Greet new students... help students out if they are having problems and are a bit too nervous still to go to the headmaster..
Just be my chatty outgoing self!! Kinda like a go between,
Also just have fun with all the rest of the students.. Life's hard enough.. gotta have fun somtimes!!
They get help and you get a chance to do something with the org.! Everyone wins!

Even in the martial arts, making connections helps. There's always more to learn, if you can meet people who can and will show you stuff!
good deal :) it's always nice to be part of a winning team. best of luck to you, and congrats!
Congratulations eraser. You earned it?
Sincerely, In Humility; Chiduce!

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