New Instructors Wanted



I own and operate a full time time martial arts centre in Leeds, England and I am looking for GOOD instructors to operate classes from my school.

We already have Shotokan Karate, Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing, Pencak Silat but I would like to see Krav Maga or Judo also at my centre.

If you know anyone can you please contact me. We have a few time slots to fill and the centre does not get used during the day so would be ideal for aerobics or tai chi etc. In fact I get a lot of calls for Tai Chi.

Steve Leak
Karate International
Black Belt Schools (UK)
If you ever consider bringing American Kenpo, let me know. I have no problem relocating if the money is good.
would you be interested in JKD/Kali ?
maybe a workshop ?
Interested in workshops or seminars in FMA or related areas?
I will be happy to see the UK again.
You will find my CV on either or

:asian: Sincerely
If you're interested in hosting seminars in JKD / Kali-Eskrima or Grappling I'm only 45 minutes away :D

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