New email and facebook scam


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Mar 20, 2004
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Just thought I would pass this on to members so you can pass it on to your family and friends.

My sister and a good friend of mine have both had their hotmail accounts hacked. In the first case emails were sent out to EVERYONE in the address book. In the second case, they hacked the hotmail account and the Facebook account. I have also talked with our IT guy and he has also had this happen to one of his friends.

The email story is basically this...

Person claiming to be your friend says that they were on vacation in London, England and were mugged. All of their money, credit cards and cell phones were taken. They need money wired right aways so they can pay their hotel tab and get plane tickets to get back home.

I realize most of us are savy enough to realize it's a scam. How many of us have close friends leave the country and we don't know about it? Also, the hotel won't let them use the phone to call someone? But still, we all know elderly family and friends that might not now, and I wouldn't want one of them to get taken so please take the time to pass this on. Also, it takes ALOT of time to send out emails to everyone letting them know that things have been hacked and taking care of that stuff.

As an aside, make sure your computer security software is current and up to date. Also, make sure your passwords are different and not easy to guess and include numbers, letters and capital letters and are a little bit longer. As a final precaution, when setting your security questions, don't pick questions/answers that are easy to guess. If a person can find out your email address they can click the link to get a password reset sent to them.

An example might be "What is your favorite color?" Instead of putting a color put something like "Orlando" (or something meaningful to you) that could NOT be randomly guessed.

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Nov 8, 2004
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Hello, Never let your guard down....Trust your instincts..if some thing doesn't feel right?

Thank-you for sharing this...!!

Aloha, ...Please send any amount soon.....? ..only kidding...