Nasty, Abusive Instructors

ttt for Kyle, er, um, I mean for any Nasty abusive instructors who shall remain nameless!
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I confess, the whole purpose of this thread was to harrass, embarrass and otherwise humiliate my heartless BJJ teacher. However, I am unable to delete the first thread and thus, flush the whole topic.

Please do the honors for me. :asian:
You have to admit, your post was pretty nonsensical to all but the intended recipient. You could have provided a background anecdote or something to share with the rest of us so we could also partake in the humiliation :D

If you still would like the thread to be nuked, or if no one else has anything further to add to the matter, then I'll dunk it in a day or so.

Yes they exist. Some have even said that mine is uneccessarily that way although I would disgaree with them. I have spoken with my instructor and have agreed to what level of physical our training is at. I could tell you about the bloody lips, the chipped teeth, the black eyes but then I'd have to tell you about the times I have smacked him in the groin, re-arranged his nose etc. Dot has seen the level we work at. But it's not always like that. I've seen Jaybacca tailor the level of his instructing to the level of the student he works with.

I have seen instructors beat up, (and that is essentially what they do) their students. What really irks me is when they do so and don't give that student a chance to work back on them. (Yeah, you're real tough to slap someone around and then NOT take it back) Don't think we don't see it.

There are instructors out there who are tough and then there are those who are abusive. Not just physically either. Some people think that opening a school makes them king of the hill. To some point it does but that falls far short of sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse. There is a huge difference between pushing students to excel and being abusive.

What do I say? I say call them on it if you see something that looks abusive. :hammer: Being quiet is just the same as condoning it.
WOW Gou -

I was just goofing around for the benefit of the other guys in my club, but you just went and started a serious discussion! DAMN you intellectuals! :cuss:

Maybe I've just been lucky, but the handful of people I've trained with are first-class.

When you mention sexual abuse, that's a tough topic in martial arts! Obviously, you can REALLY damage someone's reputation with an accusation like that, in a business that relies on children so much. I heard some whispers (well, a little more than whispers really) about an instructor once, and I got all of those feelings of distaste that you might expect. On the other hand, I've also heard some total BS accusations about some people that I really respect.

I've seen that a few states have tried to curb sexual abuse among martial arts instructors by licensing them. Honestly, I don't have a problem with some kind of criminal background check for commercial school owners. The danger of course is that you get some committee with Renegade in charge, and he refuses to license any of those TKD instructors. Anyone here teach in a state where a license is required?

P.S. My apologies to D-Bear, and anyone else that felt left out by my inside joke. :eek:
The worst part is that people do this crap and get away with it. I have no problem with allegations being damaging because I know of a guy who was touching his kids and he's still teaching!!!! He's been convicted even. He runs his schools by only teaching his school teachers and having them run his schools. He's not allowed near kids I believe. You can check out his school system at Don't let anyone tell you different, the guy is convicted. He's not even appealing his conviction, just the type sentence. The guy was loved in the community and you can see the accolades he got but he's a dink toucher.

But then you have the opposite and have people making false accusations. That's just as bad and bullsh*t too because it's an abuse of the legal system. The martial arts often brings it fair share of people to study it because they have issues. Sadly you get people slopping their PC into the dojo and when things don't go their way they tend to get underhanded and they don't care whom they affect.

I tell people who go looking for a Martial Art for their kids to ask if the school will provide a legal criminal background check. I tell them to look and ask for lineage lines and certificates. See if they belong to a national organization, and ask for the number to contact them. It blows my mind away that we ask so much of people dealing with our kids and yet when we see someone with a black belt we assume they'll be ok with kids.

That's good advice Gou! But very few people ever think of it.
Too many people think because some guy has an X degree black belt he's suddenly of above average moral character. The truth is that martial arts does not improve character like people think.
In regards to what Gou was saying about the way he and Jaybacca train. There is always a time and a place to train vigorously and then there are times to train like mad men. Jaybacca and Gou have the knowledge and skill to be a little "intense" at times.

I actually admire their ability to GO FOR IT. I consider it the best way to actually really learn what it's could be like to have to defend yourself in the real world. I'm not saying to train like that all the time but to actually see if you have the reaction time should the need arise.

There of course are the instructors that seem to think that you need to be injured, in some form, at the end of a class. I think this demoralises the majority of students (except Gou of course ;) who's too pigheaded ..... err I mean stubborn to give up). What student wants to show up at work with a black eye or a limp or a tenserband on the wrist. There is such a range of instructors out there, from the ones that have a "No Contact" rule, where the students learn the moves but never use them against an opponent, to the other extreme I was speaking about earlier. An instructor has to find a middle ground to teach the student how to truly defend oneself but without scaring his/her students away. I have no doubt in Jaybacca's ability to do just that, he can train hard with the ones that know how, but with students like myself, take it back some knotches so I/we can learn. (that should be worth a free class eh? ;) )

I look forward to a time when I too can "bang" with the best of them, being confident in my ability to defend myself and defend those I care about.

Plus being able to kick Gou's *** around the mat once in a while would be kinda kewl to. :D

We got good Mods here....Nice catch there Cthulhu ....and of course Gou who found a good way to use a well, 'empty' thread to get a serious point out.

Good job folks... Info like this needs to be out there so people know the truth and can find quality instruction.
My instructor has the amazing ability to spar at different belt levels. For example, when working with me, he'd tell me he would spar like a yellow belt, and sure enough, he'd spar like the yellow belts in the class. He'd then go up the ranks, and back down again if need be. This way, if someone of one rank didn't have a person of similar rank to work with, he'd spar with them at their level, actually enabling them to get some hits in. Of course, when he got to us higher ranked people, he'd 'kick it up a notch' and pound us around some.

I've seen some people put students through bizarre exercises for workouts that, while they were incredibly painful and difficult to do, they had absolutely no physical benefit. My instructor would always let students know what a particular exercise would develop. If a student was having difficulty, he'd change the tempo or the exercise, or discretely stop the exercise and go into lecture mode, allowing us to rest.

Of course, I always had the problem of not knowing when to quit, especially when grappling. More than once, I've passed out in class because I knew I'd break out of that headlock eventually...zzzzzzz. That, or I'd keep fighting an arm bar or something a bit longer than I should and hurt the joint. I'm a bit more careful with that, nowadays, having premanently tweaked most of my joints. However, I still have trouble knowing when to quit during workouts, pushing myself so much that I nearly pass out. Kind of embarassing.

As far as physical abuse goes, and this isn't just for martial arts, if something is causing undo pain, or just doesn't feel right, STOP. If you have one of those instructors who tells you to suck it up and 'eat the pain', tell him to eat his own @$$. Then find another school with an instructor who knows how to train people. Don't be afraid to speak up if you think something isn't right.

"Pig headed?"
You're in cahoots with my wife!!!
Originally posted by GouRonin
The truth is that martial arts does not improve character like people think.

Martial arts certainly does improve character, and this is one thing that differentiates a true martial art from a fighting system. A martial art is effective in the battle to improve oneself as well as in the battle against others. But one must have some character to begin with if this is to work.
I'm sure we ..... I mean I have no idea what you are talking about!! :angel: Everyone knows you are irresitable Gou :ladysman:

Seriously though, I admire what you, Jaybacca, Rob, Dusty and the others can do. Your ability to adapt to changing situations and conditions. That's what I believe is the ultimate goal of any martial artist. To take the give situation and use it to your advantage

It is a credit to your's and the others, instructors and their abilities to teach kenpo, and other forms of martial arts. Bravo to all the instructors out there that teach because they want to spread the art first, not just to make money.

dot :wavey:
I do not think that martial arts improve character. I think that is one of the greatest fallicies perpetrated by the martial arts community. Many arts have seen god awful things go on, Arnis itself is going through a horrible time at the moment. I spoke before of Joe Foster the dewey toucher. The tai chi dudes we've been talking about. These are examples of poor character.

Character is developed by the experiences one lives. One takes these experiences and makes them into what one wants. Putting someone into a martial art will NOT make them a better person in itself. It is the passing on of the teacher's experiences and the use of the practitioner that shapes the character.

In short, you take what you get and you make it what you want. The avenues are there for better character but you can get the same from planting gardens.

I think its a matter of perspective....and the individual..

take a real SOB!...teach him the ins and outs of a various martial art, and what do you end up with? A highly trained SOB.

Is it possible that along the way, he will "see the light"? Maybe. Maybe not.

A "good" person will find the deeper meanings, and grow from them, thereby developing "good" character.

An "evil" person will use his new knowledge for "wrong" and develop a "darker" character.

It depends on how you look at it.

"Faster it is, yes...once you start down the Dark path, forever own your soul it will" - Yoda. :asian:
I'm not too worried about being just makes it easier to sneak up on people.

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