black belt

  1. D

    My last tournament

    That competition was US Nationals 2021 in Reno - NV. I fought 3x and won every fight by ippon, it was a lot of fun, I made new friends, an incredible experience! Before this competition, I had competed in 2014. Now I'm planning my next competition. And how about you guys, when is your...
  2. P

    Hey Im new here!

    Hey Everyone! I just got into blogging and wanted to share it here and see what yall think Black Belt Writer A dojo for a Black Belts thoughts Im also new to doing forums so this is all really exciting for me. Thanks for having me!
  3. Ivan

    The Philosophy Behind the Black Belt

    Today, after a BJJ class, my fourth ever so far, the main black belt gathered around all of the people who trained with me for a sort of group-talk session. You will find out why this is relevant in a minute, bear with me, as I first want to say that I believe the reason and the philosophy...