Muay Thai Resources

There are now a number of links spread throughout this forum. There's a lot on the web about it!
I took the liberty of going through some of the older posts and collecting the links in on place so if anyone comes reading through here, they don't have to dig around to find them. - Look for the posts by samboboy in the Muay Thai section, they're awesome. - I think I still have some videos here. - Information about Muay Thai vs. Kung Fu fights - The Dutch Lumberjack - Yawyan information - More Yawyan

If any of those are broken, let me know. It you come up with anything else (arnisador), please feel free to add on to this. This list is by no means definitive.
Got a few more: - Muay Thai camp in northern Thailand. - Samboboy's Site. - Can't believe this didn't make it into my last post. - Pop Praditbatuga's site, pretty informative. Bear in mind he's very pro-MT. - The legendary Mike Miles' site. Lots of fight clips. - MT training camp here in the US, the also sell some great equipment. - Interview with Ajarn Chai Sirisute - The US Muay Thai Association - The International Amateur Muay Thai Federation.

That's it for this installment. If I dig up anything else interesting, I'll be sure to post it.
I had forgotten that you had indeed pulled some links together for everyone! Good deal.
Thanks a lot guys, these links are great. I wont get much done at work tomorrow though with these to read!
Kumasan, thanks. I "unofficially" train Muay Thai (lack of schools here) so anything would help. These links should do the trick :)

Thanks again.
No problem, ladies and gents. I'm not around much any more, but glad I can help when I do get a chance to visit.