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What ever happened to Mohamad Tabatabai? I cant seem to find anything on his organization, the AKKF. He use to have a site up. Does he still teach seminars and such. I rather enjoyed his tapes, especially his training partner (Mustafa, I think thats his name) he had some great facial expressions when Tabatabai was beating on him.
I dont know, but I think he is one of Larry Tatum's guys, maybe Clyde or someone else will know. Sorry I cant help but maybe i can point you in the right direction. :asian:
Sifu Tabatabai is still going strong at his Woodland Hills Kenpo Karate school in California. Just type in the name of the school in your search engine and it will pull it up. Info on AKKF is there, also.
And he has your picture on his site :)

Tabatabia is an 8th degree now??? When the heck did that happen? Wasn't he a 5th degree just 10 or 15 yrs ago?
Hi David,

I did notice there is a picture of me on Mohamad's site. Guess he really likes me . . . or maybe it's because I built Mo's site for him as a thinly vailed attempt to put my, and Barbarba's, picture on the internet.

Actually, Mohamad is one of the best Kenpo men on the mat, but his computer skills are somewhat behind his Kenpo skills, so I agreed to build him a free web design; in return he kicked the crap out of me.

Good deal huh?
that's a great deal, somehow reminds me of my marriage. but no web site and no kicking.

It's a great photo too!!

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