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Hello to All,

The following information was posted on the Modern Arnis and FMA forums, however, I thought that it might be of interest to some of the people reading this forum because there is a strong connection between Hawaiian based Kenpo (Parker, Tracy and Shaolin), Kajukenbo and the FMAs. There are also a number of Kenpo people who have studied one of the FMAs as a seperate system. My particular reason for posting the Symposium information here is that two of the participating instructors, PG Tom Bolden and Guro/Sensei Dawud Muhammad are high ranking Kenpo players in the CHA-3 and Parker System respectively.

This would be a grand opportunity for any Kenpo stylist to check out how and where the arts of Modern Arnis and your own Kenpo are are connected. How about footwork, blocks and deflections, knife defenses, single and double sticks? I would also like to point out that PG Bolden was awarded the title of "Senior Master" at the 2001 Gathering of Eagles, wwwith Sijo Emperado, GM Al Tracy and 8 other GMs agreeing that he was worthy of such a distinction.

I would like to report the following information for the 2003 Modern Arnis International Symposium, effective today, February 11, 2003. I have revised the Symposium Fee structure downward and the schedule is as follows:

February 12 - April 20 - $195 with a deposit of $80

April 21 - June 29 - $235 with a deposit of $95

June 30 - July 9 - $275 with a deposit of $110

At the Door - $295

Single Day Prices: Friday & Sunday - $50; Saturday - $110
(Friday and Sunday are 3 & 4 hours, Saturday is 9 hours).
The Symposium instructional schedule will be:

Friday, July 11, 6 - 9pm
Saturday, July 12, 9am - 6pm
Sunday, July 13, 9am - 1pm.

There will be three teaching sessions per hour, for a combined total of 51 hours of instruction.

There are group rates available in the following configurations:

3 - 5 people
6 - 10 people
11+ people

You can contact me for specific information about the group rates for the Symposium.

Groups may be formed at your pleasure, and one person will serve as the contact person. Please pay by bank check or money order and make it payable to Dr. Jerome Barber/ Symposium.
The Symposium mailing address for the checks and money orders is:

Dr. Jerome Barber
Suite 230
5999 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, NY 14075

The first hotel to give us a group rate is the Holiday Inn, Downtown, in Buffalo, NY. The rate is $99 for a double and $109 for a triple occupancy. The group rate is listed under "Modern Arnis Symposium". The other two hotels will be formally posting their rates for me later this week and I will report them as soon as I have them. Please note that there are only 135 double occupancy rooms available for the Symposium, when all three hotels are ready to accept reservations.

The final list of Symposium instructors are:

Senior Master, Dan Anderson - Modern Arnis 80
Punong Guro, Tom Bolden - American Modern Arnis Associates
Guro, Bruce Chiu - Modern Arnis - Remy Presas Style
Senior Master, Bram Frank - Common Sense Self Defense/ SC
Datu, Tim Hartman - World Modern Arnis Alliance
Datu, Dieter Knuttel - Modern Arnis Germany
Guro, Dan McConnell - IMAF, Inc.
Guro/Sensei, Dawud Muhammad - Modern Arnis - R. Presas Style
Guro, David Ng - IMAF, Inc.
Senior Master, Rocky Paswik - Modern Arnis - Cuentada
Senior Master, J. Richard Roy - IMAF, Inc.
Guro/Sifu, Peter Vargas - American Modern Arnis Associates

These instructors cover the full spectrum of the late Professor Remy Presas' teaching career outside of the Philippines from the late 1970's through 2000. Thus we have the art as taught by Professor being repersented from by 7 senior instructors and 5
fully certified instructors. The lowest rank held is Lakan Tatlo - 3rd degree black belt. Combined the instructional staff has a collective history of 205+ years of martial arts experience.
I am looking forward to hosting the Symposium because I believe that it is going to be the defining Modern Arnis event of 2003.

Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
Originally posted by Goldendragon7
Lots of good stuff there I'll bet!


You better believe it, Goldendragon. These people do know the art of Modern Arnis, but more importantly for the readers of this forum, there are two very capable kenpoists on the program. Punong Guro (Senior Teacher) Tom Bolden, is an especially gifted martial artist who has blended his CHA-3 Kenpo and Pancipanci Eskrima into a seamless presentation of empty hand, single and double stick, plus knife defenses. I really enjoy working with him and he is one of 3 instructors that my students always want back for additional seminars.

I hope that at least a few Kenpoists will join us at the Symposium and add to the exchange of ideas and techniques that is going to happen there. The Symposium is open to ALL martial artists.

Jerome Barber, Ed.D.

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