Mervin Ormond?


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Mar 30, 2002
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Leeds, England
In the history of our club, it was basically around years ago, and then had a small gap, and then came back again (I only joined it when it re-opened in 1997 so I don't know too much about the 'old days'!).

A couple of the guys who trained years ago have since re-joined, and I was chatting to one of them last night. He kept mentioning this guy 'Mervin (Merve) Ormond' that used to train with them before, and then sensei cames over to chat to us and was talking about him too.

I've never heard of him, and google has only a few passing references....does anyone know him or know much about him?

Mervin Ormand is the AKKS aissistent director of GB. He is from the Exeter Kenpo Karate Club. He is a 5th degree Black belt and is from the same generation of Kenpoists as Gary Ellis and Jacki Mcvikar. He is one of the Kenpoists in Larry Tatums film "Walls of defence"
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I've known Mervin since about 1978 or 79.

He lives in Exeter, and was a student of Mr Parker, along with Prof. Gary Ellis and Ms Jaki McVicar.

Mervin (and Jaki) often travelled up to Oxford to give seminars and grade my students in the mid 90's.

He is an excellent instructor and a really nice guy.

I've got some pictures somewhere, I'll post one when I find them.

You can also see him on the video 'Walls of Defence' with Larry Tatum. Gary Ellis and Jaki McVicar are also in the video, along with Tony Martin and my Instructor, Bernie Drakes, among others.