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Nov 30, 2002
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midwest USA
Any info. on Mantak Chia? Collected most of his books and found them interesting, but I find the explanations of techniques to be vague and mystical at times. Any first hand experiences with his Healing Tao Institute?

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I've had no firsthand experience with him or his institute, but I will say that in the main, his information is excellent. He gets rather "new agey" in some of his explanations, but if you can dig your way throughthat, the actual information is great.
I trained with one of his 'senior' teachers, and to be honest I cannot say I was too impressed....not so much by the content, but the way it was taught. It seemed very much a get rich quick scheme. Do the first course one week and the second the following week. We got tons of 'scientific' information but no real pratical correction or attention to detail that way and no back up which is essential when experiencing energy exercises.
Taji Fan,

Interesting post. Reading the books, it seems like a carrot is being put out there. Any thoughts on the teacher you had being an exception or rule?

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To be honest I am not sure, from what the teacher said about his training and the kind of people he studied with, it did seem like there were alot of flakes and people who may not exactly be the kind of people you would like to know. What concerned me most was the lack of back up when you were learning something, eg the 6 healing sounds, they are a fairly bog standard Taoist exercise not soley the property of Mantak Chi, but were were told alot about the theory, 5 elements etc, but when it came to actually doing the exercises no one really made sure you were in the correct position or making the correct sounds, after that you could move onto the next course because you had done the first one, not necessarily because you had become proficient in them. To become a teacher you had to travel to the states and do a week long course to be certified.....:( I am sure Mantak Chia does have a high level of skill in what he does, but I am wary.....I am on his mailing list and some of the stuff coming through now seems very dodgy.....I am not sure if it is spritual enlightenment on financial en-lightenment of your wallet....

Yes, his early stuff had a lot of meat to it but in th last few years he seems to have fallen in wiht the "new age" crispy crowd and it has hurt his credibility.
these are some extracts from the newsletters

"Centeredness in the unmanifested sphere is like a seed before it develops, it is the greatest source of the universe. Balance is the underlying principle of all things. Therefore, the attainment of inner centeredness and balance reflects the orderliness of the universe and the abundance of all that lives. The Balanced One says: "One who self-cultivates lives by the principle of centeredness and balance. One of inferior virtue goes against this principle. One of self-cultivation also lives by the principles of
regulation. One of inferior virtue goes against this principle by
indulging. When joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure are not exaggerated, this is called harmony or being centered. When they are expressed in an appropriate manner, this is called balance. The Universal Tao system is a perfect teaching to balance and develop body, mind and spirit. "

" From December 20th to January 3rd, 2003 Patricia van Walstijn from the Chi Neng Institute in Holland has again announced a workshop on "Chi Neng" practices. Chi Neng is a meditation in movement and a healing form of Qi Gong. It is a very simple method and therefore easy to learn. Because of this one will reach the mind body connection faster because the body will
follow the movement without the mind getting involved. These beautiful movements are very effective in developing good health and a balanced emotional state. Also they will spend time learning everything about the enneagram and they will practice holy shamanic rituals with two other guest speekers."
Yilisifu and Taji Fan,

Thanks for sharing. I think a lot of people mistake vitality and good health for being "touched" by the hand of some higher force. It erodes the substance of things practical and clouds them at the same time. I have had some surges of euphoria, from Martial Arts related practice, but I am not going to run out into the front yard with a tambourine and sing about being touched by the hand of the Great Choo Choo.

Sometimes I think experiencial perception hinges on the maturity of the person. At times the smoke and mirrors are intentionally put there to keep things perpetually just out of reach. The person then spends more money to attain the "next level".

From the books I have of Mantak Chia's, it seems he does have some good knowledge to share, but the mysticism makes me uneasy. I just don't have any interest in wading through BS to find practical info.

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