Man Does CPR On Dog


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Nov 22, 2008
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"American Red Cross Pet First Aid classes give pet owners the confidence and skills necessary to tend to unexpected emergencies until they can get their pet to a veterinarian. Many Red Cross chapters across the country offer classes with hands-on training in Pet First Aid procedures."

A funny thing happened as I watched this - right as it ended my dog skidded over and nudged my elbow. Time to play!


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Jul 23, 2009
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Melbourne, Australia
I would so give CPR to either of my dog and cat if needed and I wouldn't stop until they came back, or I died :)

I like animals so much more than I like some people :)

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
I have done mouth to nose resuscitation on my wifes cat.
He was a Birman about 18 years old , she had him before we met , and it took a very long time before he started to warm to me .

Anyway because he was quite old , his kidneys started to go and he got some sort of chest infection , we took him to the vet who prescribed some antibiotics.

They didn't really help much , he stopped eating and started to go down hill at a rate of knots , we nursed him as best we could and tried to get fluids into him , but on the Saturday night about 6:30 pm he stopped breathing .

I did resuscitation on him for about 30 seconds and the little old bloke revived for a few minutes , but it was to be short lived as he slipped away again.
I tried again but it was no good he was too far gone and he passed away on our kitchen floor.

At least he wasn't in pain anymore , we had him cremated and keep his ashes and picture on the mantle piece.
We like to think he's up there somewhere in animal heaven , young again and running around playing with all the other dearly departed pets.