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Jan 24, 2004
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Kenpomachine said:
By the way, is there any difference between tactical folders and regular ones?
Basically "tactical-folder" is the term used to describe a folding knife designed for use in a combat/self-defense situation. The use of serrations; fancy locking mecanisms; and blade styles such as the Tanto, hawk-bill, and spear-point often distinguish "tactical-folders" from their counterparts designed for hunting/utility. This is not to say that the hunting/utility knives cannot be effective weapons in fact any knife is better than no knife so if you are having a difficulty in finding a good "tactical-folder" you might have to go with another design. As long as the blade material is decent and it has a good lock go with it.
Kenpomachine said:
And now, can any of you (Kenpotex, Andrew, etc) elaborate a bit more on how to find out if a knife is good quality or not, please?
As I said above, blade material and lock strength are, in my oppinion the two most important factors in choosing a knife although as Andrew said, even 440-C will cut someone. Some of the more common alloys used in many mid-range folders include AUS-8, AUS-10, ATS-134, and 440-A
If you can find a knife made by any of the companies listed in the posts on this thread you will have a dependable knife. when all is said and done it really comes down to personal preferance.

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Good luck...hope we were able to help.