Looking for people interested in Learning Jow Ga Kung Fu


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Aug 3, 2015
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I'm looking for people who want to learn more about Jow Ga Kung Fu. I know some people here are trying to learn martial arts by watching youtube videos, and I think my school can offer more guidance than just watching a youtube video and missing key elements of techniques. You would learn directly form my Sifu and you'll have access to student sparring videos where students are learning how to use the techniques.

At the moment we have about 50 or more videos of students sparring. Some are full of Jow Ga techniques and most of the videos have slow motion version so that you can see the technique being applied. For example this video from the school library shows the following techniques
1. Parry, Jab, Round house kick combo: (1:21)
2. Spinning Back Sweep, Front low kick combo (1:35)
3. Hook fake, Round house combo (1:49)
4. Side Kick to the thigh (1:54)

When I get time, to do some more editing, I'll show the technique from the form and the technique applied during free sparring.

There are enough videos to see students as they improve. In my mind being able to see this is one of the most realistic representation of a martial arts. While this is common if you attend the school, it's unfortunate that people from the outside of a school get to see how students develop and improve.

I'm hoping that things like this will help spread the word about Jow Ga Kung Fu and spark enough interest about it in order to create some new discussions no matter how critical.

Let me know if you are interested.