Looking for Krav Magen in the US


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Jun 17, 2009
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Does it even exist legitmately? I went to the official KAMI website and the US was not listed. I sent them an email directly, but while I was waiting I figured I'd ask you guys. I found these guys: http://www.kravmagen.com/ <- But the sales pitches and "buy these videos to learn!" on the website make them seem HIGHLY suspect. I am weary about who I train with as there are many frauds and false-claims within the Krav Maga community, and I can only imagine that it extends into the Krav Magen community as well.
For those who don't know;
Krav Magen was created by Eli Avikzar, the only student besides Haim Gidon, to receive an 8th-dan Black Belt from Imi. (To summarize) When Eli and Haim received their 8th-dans, jealousy arose from the other "top" students, and Eli decided he would rather do his own thing than deal with the (BS) politics. So, with Imi's blessing, Eli Avikzar left to create his own system based off of Krav Maga, called Krav Magen (translating to "Combat/Fight Shield). *Note* This is the only non-IKMA organization that was officially approved by Imi, the others claiming that have documents are fairly "suspect" at best.

So... Having never experienced Krav Magen for myself, does anyone know what the differences are between it and Krav Maga, or are there none? I know for a fact that Eli Avikzar, much like Haim Gidon, constantly worked on improving/updating the system (along with Imi), so I am sure there are at least a few differences between modern Krav Maga and modern Krav Magen.
I would like to be clear that I am VERY happy with my current training under the IKMA and am not looking to convert or any such non-sense. I would just like to experience the system of Imi's "other" top-student, as I do not feel I can call myself a true student of his system unless I experience the ideas of both of his top instructors.
Lastly, I tried to look for videos of Eli Avikzar in action, but came up dissapointed, as I found absolutely nothing... Does anyone have any? Alan Feldman (1 of the original 3 Americans to bring Krav Maga to North America, and one of my instructors) has told me many stories of Eli's "amazing" ability, and I would very much like to see him in action.