Let's hear it for any positive press for Kenpo !!!


Sifu DangeRuss


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kenpo Joe at the first Gathering of Eagles. He's a great guy and superb kenpoist. Kudos for the great article and for anyone doing their part to promote and further our art. Couldn't happened to a nicer guy!

Sifu DangeRuss

*...Sheepish look....* So this was SUPPOSED to have attached itself to KenpoJoe's thread on his article. At this rate...it's gonna be a looooooooong journey to the ranks of respectability.
you can ask anyone here if you're having trouble getting your post in the right thread.

if you're a total beginner with the forums, when you view a thread and want to add to it...just hit "post reply" and type whatever you want to say, then hit submit reply...you'll get the hang of it quick. when you post a reply to a thread, the thread will go to the top of the list so you won't have to worry about people not seeing your post.

hope this helps a little...apologies if you already figured it out.