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Sep 11, 2006
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Bookset Kata
By PorterKenpo - 10-02-2009 01:52 AM
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Hey all,
I was hoping that some of the older practitioners that were around at the time Bookset Kata was incorporated into the system from Jimmy Woo, can shed some light on its origin. Bookset was said to be a nickname of the form that Mr. Parker was going to include in "The Secrets of Chinese Karate." Its original name was said to be Panther Set, or Bun Gei in Chinese.

This is where the confusion begins. Panther (or leopard) in Chinese is "boa", not Bun or Gei. Many Chinese systems have forms named Gei Bun (or Ji Ben) which means Basic Training. This certainly describes Bookset as it is a form composed of basics. However, I have not found the Gei or Bun switched in any other systems witch have Gei Bun forms (Gei Bun not Bun Gei). I also have not been able to find this form in any other Chinese system it is rumored to come from (including Leopard, Shaolin, Five Families, Five Ancestors, Five Animals, Choy Li Fut, or Hung Gar). Many Gei Bun forms are similar, but definitely different in content and arrangement. Would anyone out there happen to know the true origins of this form, and the actual kung fu system it was derived from?

Thanks in advance,


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