Originally posted by Johnathan Napalm
Just a short synapsis.

1. Roundhouse to thigh, rib and neck.
2. Push kick.
3. Front kick.
4. Reverse Roundhouse
5. Back kick.
6. Cut kick.

With these, the variations can increase at least to 36 different foot techniques, depending on your school/camp.

Do you know how many variations of the roundhouse kick there are? TKD, muay thai, and shotokan karate all have different "general" roundhouses which are aimed for different purposes like speed, power, distance, control... But each art also has multiple variations that are aimed for different things, like for instance, if you're fighting a slower person and can sacrifice some speed for power, you can use a different variation, or when the time comes for a specific type of roundhouse, you execute it.

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