the term kickboxing is used loosley. what exactly is it and what art does it incorporate. ive read it not MT
Kickboxing is a sport version of the martial arts where you fight full contact with pads on and it could incorporate virtually any art.

"I've read it not MT" I don't understand this comment so will you please explain?
i meant to say "ive read its not muay thai"

i was under the impression it was since ppl refer to it when the say kickboxing. but when i read some articles, they said stuff about karate and all. so i became confused.
Nah its not the same thing, if you watch any of the tournyments then you will see a differance. I did a few Muay Tai lessons and my teacher told us this was not Kickboxing straight off. It is simialer tho. Kickboxers will get rid of there kicks straight away and then go straight into boxing. Muay Tai just kinda keep it equal all the way through. I may be wrong but I think some Muay Tai have a few take downs where as Kick boxing doesnt as far as Im aware.
Muai Thai is a lot more brutal then kickboxing due to the use of more weapons and a longer clinch time. MT people use their elbows as well as their knees, hands and feet. Their conditioning is second to none. This is why I picked up the art as as a compliment to my kenpo
well I think the biggest diffrence is in the history, mauy thai is a thai form of boxing, kickboxing came out of full contact karate in the US, the rules are diffrent but their both ring sports. There are alot of variations on "kickboxing" rules that range from almost being western boxing to almost being mauy thai.

some kick boxing you can't kick below the waste, this is the same kick boxing that has a minimum number of kicks you can throw (because no one would throw kicks otherwise), than there is some where you can kick anywhere, and there is some where you can use your knees.

Mauy thai in the US is very simular because in most states you can't compete using elbows, the only big diffrence being the clinching rules and the use of the shin in a kick. internationaly the rules differ more though and the use of elbows changes things alot.
Their conditioning is second to none

are u saying MTers arent in good shape? im sorry, i dont understand your statement there
'Second to none' is an old phrase which means that something is the best rather then second best. I mean that a well trained MT guy would be very well conditioned, better then most kickboxers out there, as well as an excellent fighter.