Kenpo RPG



Hi! I wanna ask for help of you guys! My friend is doing a RPG (Rolling Playing Game) of Martial Arts and he wants to include Kenpo, but he doesnt know much of it, since he pratices Karate and Capoeira. Can you help? He wants to know the basic manuevers of Kenpo that identify it, as how graduation works, its belts and some of its history. If you know some link that can help, he ( and me ) will be thankfull. Hoping some help of you guys, thx!
I've played/GM'ed many an RPG in my day. ((PS: Kenpoists, don't start shooting, in RPG parlance GM means "Game Master or Moderator' and not GrandMaster.)) As well as having had experience in Kenpo.
IF ya wana E-mail me, do so. I'd love to share ideas.

You might look into the GURPS Martial Arts book so that you don't reinvent the wheel. Try the "Steve Jackson's Games" website for starters. It's a very well done book overall.

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Contact me also, I have GM many a game and also played more :). It upsets many a GM when I try to play Monk or Physical Adept Types. I am not a Kenpo person yet I have insight inot game play for realism and for keeping the game moving and not bogged down. :)