Kenpo and Taijutsu


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Mar 14, 2004
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Kizaru said:
Let's not and stick with "tradition".
I digress again :)
If they chose the wrong person, the ryu deserves to die.
Could not it be possible that he chose his 12-year-old son while he (the father) was on his death bed. Seems Father-to-Son was also important at one time.

YES! THE PERSON TO PERSON ELEMENT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! There is a ryu ha here in Japan that has multiple branches, one of those "branches" is lead by a group of people (Japanese) that bought old copies of the scrolls, practice the "moves" and claim authenticity through possesing the scrolls, but lack the proper distance, alignment, motivation, rhythm etc. From my perspective, the skills that are passed on through the lineage are more important than the documents; reality is more important than the image. Pieces of paper are thin; they won't stop punches.

Think about it. If Don had a pocketfull of cash, he could just saunter on down to Kanda, buy a few authentic densho and proclaim himself an expert in any number of ryu ha! How absurd is that!?!?!
Bet the next 10 post won't address this issue. I hope a few post do address this point regardless of the Zen influences.