Being of partial finnish heritage and enjoying martial arts quite a bit -- I've been digging and digging for information on Kas-Pin and really haven't found anything except a few finnish web-sites, and 2 really interesting videos of Kas-Pin fighting.
One of the videos -- the knife demo, has a guy do some pretty neat knife work -- more of the close to the body knife work than the flowing Indonesian style, then has a heavy-set teacher show a few simple disarms at the end. Watching the movement of that teacher is slow motion, the body weight adjustment and so on, tells me that he's knowledgeable about body form and physics.

My question is -- who is that? Who teaches Kas-Pin, or who would be a good resource to contact about Kas-Pin.

BTW: the location I found said videos are at:

Thoughts anyone?

edit --> Looks like his name is Kaarlo Valkonen based on what I'm assuming from:

-- now the trick is -- how does one get in touch with him :)


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Apr 14, 2004
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I think the hard part of a old martial art, is that usually the person sees something, or does another MA, and dillutes the original. its not necessarily bad, but it may not be good, either. similar to Adrian Roman's Native arts (tushkahoma, see link on signature). He grew up using the Native arts of his forefathers, but then when he got older, he did kenpo, and now has an 8th degree black belt in kenpo. so you are bound to see kenpo influence, even in his Red Warrior art...

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