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Jul 26, 2008
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AH a place for non-martial arts questions. SWEEEEET! Cause I gotta' few. This one pertaining to the idea of running an internet business. Now, I'm not stupid I know that 90% of all advertised work at home internet businesses are scams and crap! However, I'm not so stupid as to think that somewhere someone hasn't tried it and succeeded or outright found a product and did it. My question being are there any of you that have either started your own business over the internet, or did you purchase a legit product that worked? If you did would you recommend it? Did you make a reasonable, ( you aint gots to say how much) or are continuing to make reasonable living by doing this? If so how much would you say every week do you spend running your internet business? Roughly how much would say someone would need to start a successful internet business? How much advertising did you do? Researching your specific market? Etc, etc, etc. I'm very interested in this topic. So please be kind and if you have some valuable insight it would be greatly appreciated. THanks everyone.

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