How to make makiwara


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Jul 26, 2016
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How does the classic makiwara almost everyone knows who watched movies with Japanese or Chinese martial arts. This is a great simulator for testing concentrated strikes, strengthening the impactors. Makiwara in the store can not be bought, it has to be done by yourself.
How do makiwara itself?
There is a simple way.
In the nearby park or the woods to find a tree about to hand thickness, such that the spring on impact. Next, you need to reel in the tree coarse rope.

All makiwara ready.

Suitable for joggers. Advantages and disadvantages of such makivary stem from the fact that the street is a makiwara. Plus - on the makiwara is preceded by a run in the fresh air, negative - on the street can be minus 30 grad. C, well, more rope can steal.

Makiwara for the gym.

In-Ground board in the yard or nail it to the floor is not very convenient. For ten years, we have, for example, use the design, which look at the photo, immediately becomes clear design.

Makiwara is attached to the wall, it takes up little space, has a solid design.

To produce this makivary need a wooden board, a width of 15-20 cm and a thickness of 1.5 - 2 cm, height 150 cm (it individually, depends on the growth of the one who will hit the makiwara), fit and plywood. For super-fighters from the impact of three Bruce Lee, you can use two boards. full can be found here