Feb 15, 2002
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Scottsdale, Arizona
Hi everybody,

I know this may sound strange {especially coming from me}, but a friend of mine in Denver [where I am originally from as most of you know], has entered a local radio station {Alice 1059 fm} contest to get a free breast reduction.

Here's the deal....... she has had very large breasts since she was 10 (is 39 now) and this has caused her nothing but trouble, embarrassment, and since she was involved in a serious car accident last year in which she broke her sternum, she is now in much pain and discomfort due to the hindered healing caused by the excessive weight. Her insurance will not cover the cost of this much needed operation.

She needs our help! I hope all of you will help me help her in this effort.......

Just click on the link below.......

then scroll down to names under pictures and click on # 126 "Carol M" to vote. You can vote as often as you like {but it will be better if we have many doing this from different computers}.

Please forward this to any/all friends that you may know that would be a serious help and ask them to vote for Carol M.

We are on short time as the contest ends this Thursday February 26th.

The radio station will announce the winner on February 27th.

Please vote as many times as you can.

Thank you,
Dennis for Carol


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