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Peter H

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Mar 13, 2024
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San Angelo, TX
Hello all,
My name is Peter Haidinger and I haven't posted on a martial arts forum in almost 20 years so forgive me.

I'm a 4th dan in an Suenaka-ha aikido off-shoot (Dojin Aikikai) and a 2nd dan in Sport Karate (ISKA rules Kickboxing, also called American Karate or Karate Kickboxing).
I've been involved in martial arts for 35 years and Aikido for almost 30.

I recently started Practical Aikido trying to restart an Aikido tradition in San Angelo, TX that has been here since 1987 and was unfortunately shut down due to COVID.
I look forward to discussing Aikido with everyone as I try to rebuild our program.

Thank you
Welcome from southern Louisiana!
Welcome Martial Talk, Peter. :)