Has anyone looked at this...

Just another variation. We shouldn't be surprised.

By the way, Wedlake and Planas are both mentioned in Black Belt Mag this month for their videos.

So is Vlad.

Interesting site, and take on things. Personally I would feel short changed as far as the material content goes. If I read it right, they don't teach anymore new material after green belt? One interesting thing did catch my eye regarding the abovementioned material content. It seems they are teaching extensions? Did Mr.Parker Sr., do this back in the "good ole days"? I thought that the extensions came about in the mid to late 70's, is this incorrect? Not that it truly matters, but if there were'nt any extensions in the original material, would what they're professing to teach as "original" be truly THE original. With NO additions to the ORIGINAL material? Just a thought!

Salute in Christ,

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