Has anyone heard of Goshin Jutsu Karate

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Jun 13, 2004
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This is the cheif style that I study. It has a big controversy about its background that of course was not disputed until the creator of it died, but anyway for those of you wondering this is what the art has in it.

Many moves are adapted from shotokan (at least the strikes)
Most katas are adaptef from shotokan (a few chinese katas are taught to teach flow etc) In fact the style only uses strong kicks that are low. There are a couple high ones but not a whole bunch above the waste and even less above the chest.

Sparring is very controlled at lower levels but gets pretty intense in higher ranks.

It has a lot of aiki-jutsu adapted into it. Most of the locks come from aiki-jutsu and aikido styles.

The best thing about it is that most of the instructors are open to adding new things. Mostly the incorparation of grappling. Most instructors don't frown on adding new things and aren't afraid to change a technique they don't see working.

Another great thing is if something that doesn't work for you is taught to you then they will allow you to adapt it to what does work. (still have remember the original technique though for testing purposes) That way of think helps in self defense because you don't have long to think. Specially things like is this technique correct, etc.

One thing that I don't like is that we do not do a lot with weapons (we do a lot more against weapons for self defense than we do with using weapons). Not even kata. You can't even use a weapon in many cases till purple belt.

The cirle i'm in does not contain to many black belts. This particular circle has less than 1 percent of students enrolled make it to black belt. However like any other style there are some making a living off of teaching and they seem to have a lot more black belts. (I'm not even going to get into this right here)

The belt rankings go like this in most dojos

brown 1st
brown 2nd
brown 3rd

I have seen it different than that. Stripes on the white belt may take the place of the yellow and orange belts. (saves money on purchasing a new belt)

I don't care much about the contrevousy. It works for me, I like the style, it teaches me a lot and that is all I have to say about that part. Their is one guy who looks for goshing threads to dispute its legitamacy. He usually uses the name BORZOI. So if he shows up on this forum it is probably because of this post dealing with Goshin. Just wanted to give a heads up.

Here are a couple sites

BlueDragon1981 said:
I don't care much about the contrevousy. It works for me, I like the style, it teaches me a lot and that is all I have to say about that part.
This, after all, is what's really important. If your style fulfills your needs, then to heck with what others think. Every style was made up by someone at some time, so if someone has a problem with it, stick to your guns and be glad that you found something that's good for you. Happy training! :)
The other thing you have going for you is this part:

The best thing about it is that most of the instructors are open to adding new things.

The way things work where I am is you will never see the same technique twice. So if you follow principles, no-one can say "You did that technique wrong." which is what you run into a lot with styles that put everything on paper.

Anyways..welcome aboard.
Do you know if this is in anyway linked to an art called Zen Tsukai GoshinJutsu? It was an art with local founder: Gary Costanza (sp?) and I wasn't sure if there was some affiliation with the "Goshin" use.
It is not related to that. Goshin Jutsu phrasing because of the meaning of the words in japanese. This style is actually fairly new. What i think is new by the way is anything created after 1930.
Goshinjutsu is the name for the contemporary self-defense curricula of JMAs. It is not often defined as a complete art in its own right, but exceptions (like Kuniba Goshinjutsu) exist.
I have been around some Goshin Jutsu Karate people in the Saint Louis area. They attended the USMA ITC. They seem like good people, but I worked with them very little.

Have you done much research on the net or is this your first attempt?

What are you wanting to know about them? From what I have seen the style resembles ju-jitsu with karate kata, but that is my own observation.
See www.e-budo.com and serach under Durant you will see a lot about him.

Jerry Durant is the "founder" of this art. His claim was that he learned it from a Samurai Prince name Murikami who introduced Kungfu to Japan and organized modern day karate. Then the story starts to get really ridiculous.
The fact is, Jerry was born in NY not in Japan as he said. His karate training was minimal and except for the honoray certificates given to him bu his students, all of his rank certificates were forged. There is also some hilarious video of him that has been sent around.

There are a number of high profile people who trained in Goshin Jutsu and went on to start thier own styles, William Cavalier founded Tatsudo Karate and Carl McClafferty went on to become the founder of Aiki Tatsu Ryu. Others still use the "Goshin Jutsu" name. Some people may very well have moved on to learn other arts and improve on what was left by Jerry (but any 8 year old with a green belt could improve on what Jerry created.

For serious studnents of Budo, it is best to stay away from those of the Durant lineage who have not moved on to more traditional arts and left the Durant legacy behind.

Jim Mc Coy
You can go to e-budo if you choose to...however they are twisting what has been said and are just trying to bash the art and the founder. Please don't post any of this crap on this thread. I study the style because it works for me. I have been in other arts and they are very similiar. Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido etc.. have all been things i have worked in, but i still find this style legitimate. Quit posting negative remarks because you have a vandetta against Durant.

That being said please take what others will say about this art with a grain of salt. Unless you study it you do not know the truth about it. I do not bash other arts that I find less than legit. Someone can get something out of it then good for them. As for me I go with what works for me and will despite what others say. To disrespect another art shows what type of martial artist you are.

I know that there are schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. So if you have a question to what it is related to then take those areas in consideration. Oh, I also think there is one or two schools in California. The main area is Pennsylvania or at least it used to be. It is growing in North Carolina and Texas.

The art is a hybrid. Aiki-jutsu, Shotokan, small amounts of aikido and tae kwon do are what the core consists of, however through the years each instructor has added other elements to the curriculum as they see fit. That is the good thing about the style. It has kata, sparring, and self defence. The degree that these are used vary with the school. Jim will bash Durant but others in the art such as Capela, Fife, and Brague are great martial artists. They all have faults but they all have strengths, as did Durant.

If you are wondering about the self-defense effectiveness a member from the school has competed in full contact events. He I believe is 7 - 2. Not bad. Two losses are from jumping to a much larger weight class and even then he did well. It has helped me in a couple situations, but i don't need to get into all that.

You get my point. Don't listen to what they say unless you have been able to judge it for yourself. For all you trying to bash the style please stay away. You are disrespecting me and other martial artists by continuing this behavior.
BlueDragon1981, don't worry about what people say. Especially on e-budo, they have what seems to be a problem with anybody that does not belong to their little group. I went there and found much bashing with little to no positive input. This is just what I saw there. Everybody has something against everyone else. It is human nature.
You keep going from board to board asking the Budo community for approval of this. If all you want is to be told how great wonderful your martial art is, you should just ask other students of Durant or your mother about about it.

If you ask around people who knew Jerry Durant all your going to get is laughter.

If you are having fun doing fun doing Goshin Jutsu then good for you. I'm sure they are having fun taking your money.

Jim Mc Coy
Thanks to whomever gave me the dinger on my rep points. I wish you would have at least signed it so I could thank you directly.
Just remember that people like Choki Motobu were also hated in their day. Everyone has something to offer, even if it is a good laugh.
searcher said:
Just remember that people like Choki Motobu were also hated in their day.

I know you know this, but I'll say it anyway: there's a world of difference between Choki Motobu and Jerry Durant! I've never seen Durant's creation with my own eyes, but based on what I've read about it and on their pages, I'm quite sure that I haven't missed anything but a few good laughs
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