Hapkido Weapons Course - February 23rd, 2002 in Ocala, Florida.

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From Budo-Seek - Posted with authors permision
The Korea Hapkido Federation is sponsoring:

Hapkido Weapons Certification Course
February 23rd, 2002 in Ocala, Florida.

Learn the correct way to cut, strike, thrust and block from defensive stances with the tradional weapons of Korea. Learn proper offensive and defensive footwork along with training exercises, basic skills and combat drills using proper grip, leverage and ground pins. You will also learn how to disarm attackers and turn his weapon against him. Certification covering training in: Di -Belt, ChiPangYi - Cane, Kum - Sword, JuilBuJay - Fan.

The event is hosted by Master Fabian Duque. A Hapkido Dan Rank Exam will follow the seminar. For more infomation contact me at [email protected] or Master Duque at [email protected]

Richard Hackworth

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