Got Beer?


Yup. Been there done that- when you look next to you & need a beer for breakfast, it's time to cut down a bit...

Wolf time..... Just like the wolf that'll chew it's leg off when caught in a trap, you'll chew your arm off when you wake up beside of her, and dont want to wake her. Which brings me to the different states, 10 being the worse

10 - Wolf
9 - doing for your nation: Both of you have a bag over head, you're singing the nation athem
8 - From behind with a flag : she has a bag over head, and you put a falg on her back.
7- Baggy : Ontop with bag over head
6- Baggy - surpirse: Ontop you've got a bag over your head
5- Doggi: From behind, notbody go a bag over their heads.
4- Semi change: Give her a wig
3 -pre-semi change :You put on a wig backwards
2- 2 beers: have two beers and she can do...
1 - the one ( need no explaination)


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