M.O.B.: Machine Optimized for Battle

J.O.S.E.P.H.: Journeying Obedient Sabotage and Efficient Peacekeeping Humanoid

K.I.R.K.: Knight Intended for Repair and Killing

I like it!
M.A.R.T.I.A.L.T.A.L.K.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Troubleshooting and Infiltration/Artificial Lifeform Trained for Assassination and Logical Killing

Jill : Journeying Intelligent Learning Lifeform

Well, that's true. :D
R.I.C.H. = Robotic Intelligent Calculation Humanoid

R.I.C.H.P.A.R.S.O.N.S. = Robotic Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Peacekeeping/Artificial Replicant Skilled in Observation and Nocturnal Sabotage

I like this :) :rofl:
Y.A.R.I.: Ytterbium Android Responsible for Infiltration

Or my real name:

T.E.R.J.E.: Technician Engineered for Repair and Justified Exploration

Maybe I'll start using my real name instead.... :p

Originally posted by old_sempai

Obedient Lifeform Designed for Sabotage, Exploration; Machine Programmed [for] Assassination [and] Infiltration

Obedient... doens't sound that bad. ;)

D.O.T.: Device Optimized for Troubleshooting

D.O.T.K.E.L.L.Y.: Digital Obedient Technician Keen on Efficient Learning and Logical Yardwork

Yardwork???? I don't even have a yard. Sheesh

K.E.N.P.O.G.I.R.L.: Knight Engineered for Nocturnal Peacekeeping and Observation/Galactic Infiltration and Repair Lifeform

Guess you could say I'm a fixer...... I can accept that. ;)
Originally posted by old_sempai
You can work in my yard - rake leaves - cut the grass - weed the garden - hey what are friends for???????????


Kewl!!! I've been dying to start gardening again. Hate apartment life.

But the commute back and forth will kill me. ;)
T.I.M.O.T.H.Y.: Transforming Intelligent Machine Optimized for Troubleshooting and Hazardous Yardwork

So dose this make me a robotic LawnMower?!
Originally posted by old_sempai
..... I'm afraid the bears would eat them, or me.........:)

Note to self: Stock up on Bear Repellant


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