Going to check out a new school today

Have you had a chance to at least audit or attend a trial class? The proof is in the pudding.
Read the previous 2 posts I made in this thread and then think about it.
Saw this today on Facebook from this guy.

It got worse. I looked it up, and many of the 1-star reviews said the place isn't safe. One posted mugshots of him and reported that he had been arrested (but not convicted) for sexual assault. It's an anonymous Google review and I know you can take a mugshot and make any claim you want about it, but I couldn't find anything in a quick search to disprove the allegation.

He had posted the above as a response to that review. He also posted "Who are you and why are you rating me 1 star?" to all of the other 1-star reviews. It was only 1-star and 5-star reviews, nothing in-between, and an almost even mix.

I'm staying out of it because I'm planning on being a business competitor of his and I don't want to start a flame war with him. But holy crap I dodged a bullet by not signing up.
Dig deeper before you draw any conclusions. You said your quick search didn't turn up anything to disprove the claim, but what would? It would be better to look for evidence that supports the claim. If there isn't any, is there any reason to believe it's true? That doesn't mean you accept his claim of innocence just because you don't find contradictory evidence, but you also shouldn't accept the claim of the charge (much less that the charge was warranted), just because you didn't find something that would clear him (and, again, I'm not sure what you would expect to find that would clear him on this).
??? I read all your posts and don't see where they apply.
The part about him flipping out on people over 1 star reviews and the alleged sexual abuse.

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