FMAT: Story of a 2003 knife attack in Iraq.

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Sep 11, 2006
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Story of a 2003 knife attack in Iraq.
By arnisador - 07-11-2009 05:01 PM
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A Wall Street Journal story on the use therapeutic dogs included this brief mention of a knife attack in Iraq:

That changed in December 2003. [Second Lieutenant] Montalvan was walking in a compound on Iraq's border with Syria at around 9:30 p.m. when a man leaped out of the darkness and started slashing at him with a knife.

He pulled out his Beretta and shot the man, wounding him. Another soldier killed the attacker, according to Army records and several soldiers who served in the unit. Mr. Montalvan was thrown into a truck, fracturing three vertebrae.
It's unclear to me how he came to be thrown into the truck, but he did suffer serious injuries from it and now uses a cane. It says here that he fell backwards and slammed his head, breaking the vertebrae and causing TBI. He left the service in 2007. Among other things, he now fears crowds and suffers from anxiety. He now also is a member of a veterans against the Iraq war group.


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