FMAT: Open World Tournament Long Beach Ca

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Sep 11, 2006
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Open World Tournament Long Beach Ca
By FilAmfighter1 - 06-21-2009 12:17 AM
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On August 8 th & 9th, 2009 Long Beach International will be host the Eskrmadors Accademy & USFMAF Brotherhood Open World tournament. On Saturday they will have the Cultural challenge, which is any style can fight any style with padded weapons in a three minute match! Tell me that not going to be something to see! This event started as the FMA verses Chambara challenge and has grown to this new concept of mixed weapon sparring. We have been fighting in this new venue here locally and it has really cool. We have used double stick verse spear, Espanda y daga verses Katana, katana verses shield & sword, and tongfa veres double stick! Anybody else been doing this our school is looking to compete in this open world event- anybody else!


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