Florida Knife Laws

Actually, gun laws can be strict in the U.S., depending on what state you're in. That's one problem: no consistency in gun laws form state to state.

Another problem: criminals don't obey gun laws.

do you know where i can find weapon laws for the U.S or the different states on the net, how about weapons such as the balisong are they "legal" there.... what about other training weapons such as katana, kampilan, broad sword are these legal to what extent


I'm sure you could find some stuff on the Internet if you looked for it.

Once again it'll vary from state to state and possibly from county/city to county/city within the states. It's complicated!
most weapons are covered by broad statutory language. Also, while our society is fairly open on what you may own or possess within your own home LEGAL public carry, concealed or otherwise, is a very different issue.
... And here's a good site for gun laws ...


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