fighting in mexico



Just wondering if anyone here has ever done any "bear knuckle"(no holds bard) fighting south of the border. and i dont mean going to TJ and getting in bar brawls.

if so, how did you find them, and how "fair" are they, do you get dumb shits pulling out guns, and sh** when they are going to get beat or do they take the *** kicking like a man.

also, what about cock(chicken not penis), and dog fights south of the border.

any info is apreciated.
Your close, head on down and kick some tail, maybe with some back up just in case, and let us know how it went.

How much Systema training have you had?

Originally posted by Klondike93

How much Systema training have you had?


unfortunately not a lot, i just have the three video set on techniques and have studied and tried to aply it in practice. i can not say in any way however that i am a systema fighter, i learned to fight when i was a kid from my dad who was a vietnam era Marine and spent 13 months in Da'nang(sp?) so far the technics have served me well. I tend to do VERY well on the street, however in the ring/mat i usually get spanked because i can't strike. I contiue to argue that if i could strike in the ring like i want to using small joints, pressure points, throats, eyes, etc... that i would do just fine. which is why i am looking, to test myself.
some will say that anyone who fights using all that will win but no one will ever convince me there is no skill involved in striking pressure points, hard frontal take downs, and small joint manipulation. If there is no skill invovled why doesn't every one do it.
Haven't seen it in person, however I've seen the vidoe tape from when my club was down there. Based on that it looks like they take the beating. There was this one guy sparring Mr. Odisen (sp?) who is very very big, and pound for pound a World class fighter. Side kicked the guy right in the head. (He can do 8 boards on the spot.) The guy fell, but got right back up. He was walking funny but he was ready to get back in there. If I'd taken that shoot I sure as heck wouldn't have gotten up.

Same thing when my instructor sparred on the tape. The guy wouldn't quit no matter how many times they got hit. Have to hand it to them. There alot tougher then I am.