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In my area about 2 years ago there where a bunch of kids that did this too, until a kid got punched in the head and died, now some of the other kids are in prison.
I would ask these questions of yourself:

1. Why do THEY want you to fight?

- are they trying to gauge their own levels? No.
- do they want to see a "branded" fighter fail? Yep.
- are they trying to improve themselves by learning from you? Don't think so.

2. Why do YOU want to fight?

- do you think you'll be a better fighter if you slay the top bod? Not likely.
- are you afraid of losing your credibility? Where does that "credibility" come from? Have you earned it by fighting? Or do they just think you ought to be good because you are taught?
- what would you gain from winning? People will avoid you, or they'll challenge you more. Neither sounds like a good result.

You may have answers that are different to mine. If so, you're ready to fight, but not for the right reasons, I think.
Beyond the fact that I absolutely agree with the folks who have already noted that these idiots are morons, I'd argue you'll learn a lot more about the martial arts by avoiding this nonsense than you'll learn by participating in it.

By the way, how'd they learn you do muy thai? Last time I told somebody I didn't know, he tried to hit me with a piece of vacuum cleaner tubing just to prove that he could...

Avoid these yahoos at almost all costs.
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It's another word for poetry, if I recall correctly. I think he's talking about the funny way you post

Yup, sorry forgot bout that......but that was what I was asking! :asian:
You do Muay Thai, correct?

When I was in middle school and high school, I used to kickbox, box, and spar a lot. My passion was Filipino/combative arts, but the school I was affiliated with was a Kickboxing school. The owner was a World Champ back in the late 70's.

Anyways, there was no "fight club," but there were a fair amount of kids who wanted to fight me because I was in martial arts. So, I would tell them that although I liked to study martial arts, I didn't like violence. I would rather be friends with everyone instead of fighting. I would also say that "Hey, really...I don't think I'm that tough." However, I would also say that if anyone really wants to fight me that bad, then here is where my martial arts school is at. We can sign waivers, put the gloves on, set the rules any way you'd like, and go at it. I'll have my instructor referee so it doesn't get out of hand. Then afterwords, we can still be friends.

I only had a couple of people show up, but it was to first check the school out. When they saw me teaching other people who were adults, and when they saw me in the ring, they changed their minds about fighting me. From 10th grade on I never had any problems. People knew I was nice and that I would never fight unless I had to. They also knew not to challange me. This due to my demeener, primarily. Secondarily, it was also because a few of the drug dealer seniors tried to jump me in school when I was in the 9th grade. These "tough guys" ended up on the floor in tears; and luckily the kids parents where smart enough to drop the law suit. People also knew not to push me to far after that.

The moral is....don't ever go to someone elses "turf" for a fight (I'm excluding competition, and talking about "real fighting"). You will be at the mercy of their rules, their crowd, and you will have to play their game. You will be putting yourself in a situation of which you will have no control over, meaning that no matter how tough you are, the odds will be extremely against you. If something happends spontaniously, handle it accordingly, and remember that self defense isn't just "beating" someone in a fight, but that it is doing anything you can to get out of the situation (whether that means running, getting the authorities, etc.). You don't want to foolishly endanger your life. And third, if they are instisting on fighting you, make them do it on your terms. If you are at a Muay Thai school and currently training for the ring, then this shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck, and be wiser them your peers.

I don't know how well you know these people, if this is just like sparring with freinds than it probably isn't all that bad.. but if you don't know them that well I wouldn't get involved just because some people have a few screws loose and in a bare knuckle fight (deppending on the rules) there is alot of potential for some serious injury..

It sounds like you don't want to fight, if you don't want to fight dont. If you are curious do it in a safe environment, take a couple good freinds that are like minded and have some fun. But unless it's part of a school or you realy trust the people I don't think that would be the smartest thiing to do.

Like was said, if someone wants to fight you bring them to your school (or even another school) and fight them in a controlled environment. Don't go to them.
I remember fight clubs at school. They were usually just a place where people will fight randomly, get angry, dip, drink, and smoke. Not a pleasant place to be.
Hey, I liked the movie too. But in reality, this is assault & battery with potential for manslaughter.

I have a friend who likes to say "all those zen sayings are just a fancy way of telling us not to be dicks". I agree. Don't be a dick.
I have the same thing at my school!!! except i keep a low profile. how long ahave u been training?

I suggest that you fight to get them to shut up. But make sure you can.

some strategies: go low and hit their stomach. dont kick unless its followed by a push kick or upper body move. Clinch and throw them down ( ive tried this, it works, but youll have to take some hits).

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