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Jan 16, 2006
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A family in Portsmouth NH could use some good thoughts or prayers.

Eric James, who emigrated with his family from France, was a young man with challenges, he some mild cognitive issues and suffered from bipolar disorder.

He disappeared in mid-July and the family grew quite worried. In the prior months he had either lost or quit his job, got in to a car accident, and suffered the death of his dog, who he called his best friend. His mental health degraded significantly and one day he went out and never came back home. His bicycle was found chained to a post at Rye beach. His canoe was found at a public landing further up the beach. Local police commented that the his disappearance was inconsistent with a drowning, but they didn't have a better explanation for his disappearance either. The Coast Guard performed a search and rescue mission, to no avail. A volunteer group sprang up on Facebook to put up flyers in grocery stores and around parks, the kinds of places where Eric might be found.

Early yesterday morning, the ocean returned a body to Rye Beach, that was not in very good condition. Late last night, Ryan James made a statement saying that the T-shirt on the body matched the T-shirt that his brother Eric was last seen wearing.

DNA testing is going to be done for confirmation, however the James family said they believe that the body recovered is indeed Eric.

It is closure for the family, but a heartbreaking loss nonetheless. Please join me in wishing them well :asian: